The biggest fig producers

Spain is the largest fig producer in Western Europe and, by region, Extremadura is leader in area and cultivation of fig trees. Although production is very localised, one town stands out in the region for fig growing: Almoharín, in the county of Montánchez y Tamuja.

Its success lies in the cultivation of Calabacita variety figs, which have excellent nutritional quality and have been established in the town for many decades, thanks in particular to the microclimate that comes from the Sierra de San Cristóbal mountains. 

The residents of Almoharín have been able to keep up with the times, making figs a highly-regarded food item both nationally and internationally.  In fact, the fruit is not only used when it is fresh, it is also marketed in various formats such as dried figs, bonbons, breads, pâtés, jams and personal hygiene products such as gels, creams, shampoos, etc.

Of the items produced with this fruit, one of the highlights are the fig bonbons typical of Almoharín. This sweet delicacy is made using the best figs, which are filled with a delicious truffle cream, given a splash of liqueur and finally covered with a layer of chocolate. 

Other sweets made from figs that you can try in this county are figs with cream, frozen fig pie, figs in syrup, fig cake with walnut sauce and dried fig cake, while you can increasingly find them accompanying stews and savoury dishes as a garnish or to give a bittersweet touch to a recipe.

Since 2017, the town of Almoharín has celebrated the Fig Farm and Food Fair in September, an event that includes technical sessions, tastings and concerts, with the aim of raising awareness of this product and its benefits.

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Extremaduran lamb

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The world of mushrooms and fungi represents a real universe in the province of Cáceres.


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Festivals of Tourist Interest

The province of Cáceres is home to one Festival of International Tourist Interest and two festivals declared as being of National Tourist Interest.


Old Town of Cáceres

The decree declaring Cáceres as a Monumental Site was published on 21 January 1949, and in 1986 UNESCO included the Old Town of Cáceres in its list


Monumental city of Cáceres

The topography plays an important role in the urban development of Cáceres, as the city stands on uneven ground, between the Sierra de la Mosca mou

Servicios turisticos

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