Gata-Hurdes Oil

Manzanilla olive oil from Cáceres

The Gata-Hurdes Protected Designation of Origin includes the counties of Fata, Hurdes, Trasierra, Tierras de Granadilla, part of Alagón, Ambroz, Jerte and La Vera, covering 84 municipalities in the north of the province of Cáceres.

The olive groves are located on rocky ground with gentle foothill profiles, between the rugged slopes of Gredos and the bed of the River Tiétar, while to the south lies the slate mountain system of Las Hurdes and the Sierra de Gata Cultural Park. Their location on plots in higher areas results in the fact that many of these plots are cared for by hand, avoiding mechanisation. The result can only be amazing, with a wide acceptance of organic farming methods.

The extraordinary Gata-Hurdes extra virgin olive oil is produced using only Manzanilla Cacereña olives, a medium- to large-sized fruit (3-4 grams) that is spherical in shape, slightly asymmetrical and black when ripe.

At harvest time, the olives are cleaned and taken to the mill, where they undergo grinding, churning and extraction.

Gata-Hurdes extra virgin olive oil is dense, slightly sweet with a balance between spiciness and bitterness, fruity, aromatic and with a colour that varies from golden yellow to greenish. It is delicious eaten on its own and in dressings.

The extra virgin olive oils made under the DOP Gata-Hurdes seal are very stable and pure. In fact, the oil from this DO is only extra virgin, without any blending.

A great antioxidant, Gata-Hurdes oil is indicated for digestive problems or to eliminate cholesterol, and is considered a one-of-a-kind product in Spain, increasingly valued and appreciated on the menus of the most prestigious restaurants in the country. Proof of this are the awards some of the oils have won for their fine results and the work done by the expert millers.

The Regulatory Board controls and coordinates the production of this extra virgin olive oil.

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